Carolina Giuliani

Carolina Giuliani comes from a roman family in which all members paint. Since her childhood, she turns for museums and she has the habit to play with colors tainting her mother’s and grandfather’s paintings who both allow her to experiment freely her creativity. Carolina follows the three-year course at the Spinelli Academy for Art and Restoration and chooses the most modern materials such as advertising techniques, graphics, layout; she builds hand story boards for commercials, she studies with great passion semiotics and sign language. After graduation is taken at the Graphic Group advertising Agency where she

learns technical drawings and executive handmade where it’s requested precision and attention to details.
Carolina realizes watercolors paintings for Niccolò Grassi’s landscape projects. Thanks to Grazia Carovani, an extraordinary Florentine teacher, Carolina is involved to learn the Martenot method. The pedagogical artistic method is based in the ’30s by the pianist and painter Ginette Martenot and even today developed mainly in France. This method has revolutionized the teaching of art in parallel with that of the school of Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner. With Grazia Carovani Carolina becomes passionated enough to be engaged in the training course for teaching in schools. The important key points from her school are essentially: the awakening of creativity and artistic sensibility in all of us; improvisation, the education of a deep look at things and visual memory; the constant attention to the light and the movement in nature and in objects; the balance between the forms, plans, spaces and perspectives; the quality of sign and gesture, the discharge from stress through distension of the body, the liberation from the psychological barriers created by traditional school methods. In her works she feels the study of the plans, lines, threedimensional
values, perspectives and geometric spaces. We find mergers of transparent or strong lines, different densities, different materials and mixed painting techniques. Carolina prefers watercolors and abstract landscapes, she has been moved up to the Asian technique that employs the Chinese ink brush and depicts bamboo plants and simple characters moving into space. Not least the abstract series called CHAOS, a collection of works in which Carolina uses paints and industrial colors turning to contemporary abstraction.


Curated by Olivia Toscani with the collaboration of Monica Tognozzi Moreni and Mariolina Dufour Berte.