Fonte delle Fate, Poggibonsi.
Sabato 4 Ottobre h 18,15- 20,00


The occasion is a conceptual encounter between art, the world of makers (artists and designers who produce their own pieces) and industrial enterprise, where the common denominator is Authenticity.
During the performance, pieces made by young Tuscan designers, produced by “makers” (contemporary artisans–several of their iconic presentations are attached) and true works of art (courteously loaned by Galleria Otto luogo dell’Arte di Olivia Toscani Rucellai di Firenze, will interweave with new products from the firm Domus Conscious di Artexport S.p.A, to create a visual and emotional narrative in a most suggestive location, the Fonte della Fate. A percussionist, a musical ensemble and a group of singers formed by students of the local Scuola Pubblica di Musica will be involved, as will several dancers, who will perform contemporary choreographies that amplify the suggestions of “primitive sentiment” inherent in the setting.

Text for Otto luogo dell’arte

Let’s meet up at the performance at Fonte delle Fate (The Fairy’s Fountain) in Poggibonsi
where an architectural event with crossing vaults
indicates the birth of water
marked by dormant fetal evocations, half-emerged,
sleeping in the company of ancestral crocodiles
a magical piece by Mimmo Paladino,
nearby, high and dry, floats
The Phoenician Boat-Shaped Bed , of my own design
with its cross-vaulted baldacchino, a ship for company, on cruises,
archaic nocturnal voyages, an oneiric bed
with a bedspread on top: Jasminum
oneiric, luminous as the phosphenes in eyes or distant stars or
a garden at night with caterpillars and fireflies like Alice in Wonderland,
drawn by Elisabetta Nencini.
Two objects produced by Olivia’s Otto and exhibited
in the show Oh!nirica at Palazzo Rucellai, Florence.

Mauro Lovi