Tappeti d’artista

Currently on view at Boralevi’s rug store in Via Maggio 16 red, Florence, are five designer rugs from “Otto’s Designer Rug Collection with Boralevi”. The Collection is a project created by Otto Luogo dell’Arte by Olivia Toscani and Boralevi, a synergy that links two widely separated experiences of the art world, both of which give priority to product quality and excellence in exhibition. Daniele Boralevi personally followed the production of these rugs choosing, along with Olivia Toscani and Mauro Lovi, from the designs proposed by Otto luogo dell’arte, with the intention of creating a dialogue between contemporary research and the traditional rug world. The production was done in India, entirely by hand, using the Tibetan knot technique on antique traditional looms with extremely high quality wools and all-natural colors. The rugs are exclusive products that represent high artisanal craftsmanship and new trends in contemporary visual language, which will be presented on the international market as part of an innovative collection. It is with this mindset and from the meeting of two realities that this project was born, promoting new tendencies in our contemporary avant-garde.