Opening Monday, March 18, 6.30 p.m.
Otto luogo dell’arte
Via Maggio 13 rosso – Firenze

You’re invited to the inauguration of “OttoconottO”, on Monday, March 18th at 6:30 p.m. This will be the last show at Otto’s Via Maggio 13red location. From April 1st on, after two years of exhibitions and project proposals, Otto’s changing shape and moving on. We’ll leave the gallery space with the “Ottos” (8s) created by our artists; a show to close a two-year cycle and begin a new one. The artists’ creative thoughts symbolize a collaboration (past and future), the transformation of Otto, and a warm farewell to Via Maggio, the street which has given us so much.
Also on this occasion, we are happy to inform you that our brilliant writer, artist and collaborator, Matthew Licht, will perform a reading from his anthology of short stories Sognilandia, edited by Otto luogo dell’arte on the occasion of Oh!Nirica, 2011.

Otto’s Transformation

We presented 22 shows and events, hosted 73 artists, architects, designers, photographers and writers, of all ages, from all over the world, who gave us and our visitors new, unique, interesting visions and perspectives. This activity has yielded a collection of objects by various authors who need to be defined and placed with care and in different ways, in order to be given the proper support. The art space or “luogo dell’arte” was an open shop-window; we prefer this vision to “galleria” (which can also mean “tunnel”, in Italian). We’re already in the tunnel, we’d like to try to be more luminous. The gallery experience in Florence, and our participation in art fairs and other events in other European cities, pointed out ways and suggested solutions for developing Otto’s activity. We think the moment has come to recognize the areas where our working intent can be deepened and clarified. We want to develop our activity in a more concrete and functional manner, in regard to the various aspects of the material with which we’ve worked: the relationship between art and design.

Otto’s locations, after April 1

Otto’s new headquarters and office will be in Palazzo Rucellai: Il Cardinale, Via della Vigna Nuova, 18, 4th floor.
Whereas exhibitions, new objects and meetings will be held and included in an apartment in Palazzo Lotteringhi della Stufa: Piazza San Lorenzo, 5.
Our activities can be followed and monitored in a small shop-window in via de’ Palchetti, which is also in Palazzo Rucellai: Via de’ Palchetti, 2.


Adam Marelli

Aldo Frangioni

Andrea Venturini

Antonio LoPresti

Benvenuto Saba

Caterina Sbrana

Christophe Quarena

Diego Aringhieri

Elisabetta Nencini

Elisabetta Scarpini

Emiliana Martinelli

Fausto Bertasa

Federico Caruso

Franco Scuderi

Gabriele Mallegni

Giuliano Toma

Gum design

Jisoo Jung-Kopperud

Jean Paul Delaney

Livio Tessandori

Lorenzo Perrone

Marco Pace

Marina Calamai

Matteo Appignano

Matthew Licht

Mathilde Lovi

Mauro Bonocore

Mauro Lovi

Michele Martinelli

Mimmo Di Cesare

Monica Fossi

Naomi Traina

Neal Barab

Nicola Perilli

Paolo Mazzanti

Pietro Finelli

Roberta Cipriani


Sabine Korth

Simone Caldognetto

Studio Barberini-Gunnell


Vincenzo Gialorenzi

Vincenzo Missanelli